Auction DROUOT

Fabruary 15 to 25

« The request » Oil on canvas 66 x 92 cm signed.

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« BRUT » Work in progress,

a film by Matthieu Maillet




Nouveau Catalogue  2019

(Catalog on request)

If you are interested in one of my works, feel free to apply to receive my 2019 catalog or the catalog « fonds d’atelier« . This is a unique opportunity to acquire a work on financial terms very Approved below my quotation (Drouot): HERE



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« As a versatile and skillful artist, Rémy Disch surprises us by the diversity of his practices and influences.

Both a painter and a video-artist, he transposes on the canvas with a rare accuracy his love of women : figures as eclectic as his own work might be. His work truly is about capturing the meditative and melancholic presences of these variations of womanhood with oil paint. His remarkable and uncluttered style is the result of both an abstract past and multiple steps of sketching with ink and oil on paper, which allows a certain degree of violence to reveal itself at first. This spark is then soften again by the « communion » between the artist and his work. As the lines are simple and gracious, the colors remind us of the warmest hours of the night or sometimes of the cold mornings’ light. In the way of some of David Lynch’s characters, or portraits of Amedeo Modigliani, Disch’s figures are often facing toward the distance, eyes almost shut, seeming to be glancing at some mysterious place. His painting invites us to take a pause in the mad race of life, immersing ourselves in the contemplation of portraits both mellow and lethargic. A slow, voluptuous capture of the human soul, made visible through the canvas as Disch tries to paint those whose soul strikes him the most.Finally his seemingly naive titles hide in themselves clues essential to the full understanding of the pieces which never cease to fascinate us. »

Elise Tomie